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JD Wiker is a good friend and, dare I say it, mentor of mine. He's also one of the Game Mechanics. I originally contacted him in relation to the work he did on Alternity's "Mindwalking" sourcebook.

Khairul Hisham is another good friend of mine, and a wonderful artist. He's helped me out by providing original art for the Cerberus Sector and other Star Wars-themed articles that I've written.

The Worlds of Lynn Abbey
You might know Lynn from her work on the classic fantasy series, "Thieves' World." My correspondence with Lynn started back when my interest in Dark Sun was at its height. She had written three very good books set in that campaign world, and I had a few questions for her. Since then, we've stayed in touch, and even did a little bit of Dark Sun gaming via AOL Instant Messenger.

Close to the Edit
An RPGnet column by a long time friend of mine, Ross Winn.

Sean K. Reynolds
I met Sean at a book signing. He's an old friend of JD Wiker's, and a gifted game designer. He's got plenty of material on his web site that is worth checking out.

The Stannex
Amy and I met Stan! at the San Diego Comic Convention. Aside from being one of the Game Mechanics, Stan! has been writing and developing game material for many years. He's also the man behind the "Bolt and Quiver" comic that appears regularly in Dungeon Magazine.

Professional Pages

Fantasy Flight Games
FFG produces several fine product lines, including the "Midnight" campaign setting and "Blue Planet."

The Game Mechanics
TGM is comprised of JD Wiker, Marc Schmalz, and Stan!. Together, they've produced several excellent electronic products, including the Scion series ("Swords of the Fathers" and "Staves of Ascendance"), the Modern Player's Companion, and "Come for the Reaping." Several of their products have seen print via Green Ronin Publishing.

GenCon is the gaming convention. Enough said.

Green Ronin Publishing
Green Ronin is one of the best d20-producing game companies today. If you're not familiar with their catalog of products, you should definitely drop in and give them a look-see.

Paizo Publishing
Home of such industry magazine staples as Dungeon, Dragon, and Star Wars Insider.

R. Talsorian Games, Inc.
RTG has been around for years, with several successful product lines, including "Cyberpunk 2020" and "Mekton."

Sean K. Reynolds Games
Sean K. Reynolds has started his own game company, and you can get to its official web site here

Shadowforge Miniatures
This Australian miniatures company makes a wide range of female miniatures, including several that are quite suitable for use in Blood Bowl (like the Nun team!). They have excellent service, to boot.

Silverthorne Games
Silverthorne is a publisher of several excellent products, including the Template Troves series, Realms of Evernor, the Book of Templates, and Tainted Troves.

White Wolf Games
If it's dark and moody, it's probably published by White Wolf. Well, maybe not, but they've really made quite a mark on the industry since the groundbreaking "Vampire: The Masquerade" was released.

Wizards of the Coast
The company at the center of d20 and the OGL, Wizards has been shaping the industry for quite some time.

Gaming in General
If you're a fan of Alternity as I am, you're liable to find plenty on to make you happy: forums, articles, the entire run of the Action Check web 'zine, and tons more.

Views From the Edge
Simply put, the best Cyberpunk-themed forums are found here, as well as a wealth of other information.

En World
EN World is a great spot to get a lot of information on what is currently going on in the gaming industry, especially in regards to d20. The forums are especially valuable (and often quite amusing).

The Miniatures Page
Interested in news pertaining to minatures and the games that utilize them? TMP is a wonderful place to visit, with daily news updates, amusing polls, and a large variety of forums.

Next to En World, I rely on RPG Net to get news and information. RPG Net is aimed a little more at a broad cross-section of the gaming industry, as opposed to being strictly oriented towards d20.


Clutch is another one of my favorite bands. The music has a lot of heavy bass lines and some very quirky lyrics, with a bit of funky guitar thrown in for good measure. It's not for everyone (my wife included), but I very much appreciate the work that these guys have done.

The Cramps
I first started listening to The Cramps after seeing Return of the Living Dead. There was this rockabilly/surf guitar tune featured in the movie that was titled "The Surfin' Dead," and it caught my attention. I picked up "Bad Music for Bad People" on cassette tape at the local record shop, and the rest is history.

Freelance Father
Freelance Father is my blog. I always said I'd never post a blog, but now that I'm a father I find the need to express certain things that wouldn't necessarily be appropriate (or topical) for me to express here. If you'd like a little more insight into my mind, or want to see what's going on in my day-to-day life, please feel free to give Freelance Father a look.

Frontier Army of the West
This is my Civil War reenacting unit's home page. If you've got the slightest bit of interest in this sort of thing, check it out.
I may be thirty-something now, but I've been a very big fan of GWAR since I was seventeen. Despite the juvenile and scatological subject matter indicative of their music, GWAR is nonetheless composed of some very gifted performers. I'm fortunate in that I've seen the band in concert, and their stage show is nothing short of remarkable.

This is my professional writing and gaming blog. It's a good source of news and current events that directly involve me. It's also a good jumping-off point for selected links, blogs, and the like. - Do-It-Yourself Star Wars Props
Chris Bartlett runs this site, and he's got some amazing stuff here. It almost makes me wish that I had the money (and waistline) to get involved. How much more uncomfortable can stormtrooper armor be, compared to a double layer of Civil War-era wool?