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Covenant Item: The Pyre Spear
For Use With Fantasy Flight Games' "Midnight" Campaign Setting

I created this covenant item for the Midnight campaign I was running. Although the players did recover the weapon, they never did manage to reveal all of its properties.

The Pyre Spear
This Dornish spear is rumored to change as the wielder wills it to. The head is broad and of a flamberge design, with a slightly upturned crossbar, and is engraved with swirling designs that seem to glint and dance with flaming light in the sun. The shaft is made from highly-lacquered oak, and carved in twisting "rifled" pattern that extends up and down the entire length of the weapon. The butt is capped with a piece of steel. The Pyre Spear is an heirloom of House Sedrig, seemingly lost to time during the last war against Izrador. If used alone, it acts as a masterwork weapon, granting a +1 bonus to hit.

1st Level: At the wielder's command, the Pyre Spear can assume the form of a short spear, a normal spear, a long spear, or a Dornish horse spear, and it gains all the benefits and statistics of whichever form it takes. Changing the form of the spear is a free action, but can only be done once per round.
2nd Level: Once per day per level of the wielder, the spear's tip can be thrust into a prepared pyre, camp fire, or hearth. This will ignite the prepared material, even if it is damp. This ability can also be used in combat if a successful hit is scored, and it inflicts 1d3 points of additional fire damage.
4th Level: The wielder of the spear gains Fire Resistance 10.
6th Level: The Pyre Spear gains a +1 magical enhancement bonus.
10th Level: The Pyre Spear gains the power of Flaming, as per the magical weapon ability, and the spear's wielder gains Fire Resistance 20.
14th Level: The Pyre Spear gains a +2 magical enhancement bonus.

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