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This is where I'll be showing off various writing samples and homebrew rules. Entries will be defined by game system (and campaign setting, where appropriate).

Midnight (d20)

"Midnight," produced by Fantasy Flight Games, has got to be my favorite fantasy campaign setting (a preference that previously only applied to TSR's "Dark Sun"). It's a very dark campaign world with some very interesting, setting-specific rules. If you're interested in something different from the stock fantasy setting, do yourself a favor and check out Midnight.

Expanded Defender Weapons
As one of the player characters in my Midnight game was a defender, I decided to expand on his choice of available weapons. This table is the result.

The Pyre Spear
A covenant item from my first (and last) Midnight campaign.

Star Wars (d20)

Since the day that Star Wars opened in theaters nation wide, I've been a fan. Blame my mother for taking me to the movies on opening night. We stood in line (last, I would think), and were forced to sit in the very front row. As a four year-old child I didn't care where we sat, and that movie awakened within me a love of science fiction and fantasy that continues to this day.

Creatures of Tatooine
Presented here are statistics for creatures that were originally presented in the lavishly-illustrated book, "The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide." I adapted these creatures to the d20 mechanics for use in my own games.

Cruising in Style: The Vehicles of Kalista-Equitar
This article represents the first submission I made to Star Wars Gamer magazine. Fate intervened, production of Star Wars Gamer ceased, and the article never did see print. I took the article, converted it to the D6 rules set, and posted it on the Rebellion. Some incredible art was supplied by my friend Khairul Hisham, making the article more or less complete.

Get in the Ring
This article is my take on the sport of shockboxing in the Star Wars universe. It originally appeared in the Star Wars Online Journal in both D6 and d20 formats. This version is only for the d20 version of the game, and has been slightly edited and reorganized.

The Fast & The Furious
This was my first attempt at a Star Wars-themed article. I wrote it on a whim, and I liked it so much that I offered it to Star Wars Gamer magazine. Unfortunately, the editor wasn't interested in an article relating to pod racing, so I filed it away for a rainy day. Previous to this version, I had only made it available in D6 format on the Rebellion.